A visual artist who is interested in what organizes the world.

In her studio practice, Jennifer Anderson Printz gravitates towards labor- and time-intensive processes from intricate graphite drawings to making thousands of small delicate cuts in paper with an X-acto knive. The artist’s touch is extremely important to her as it creates an intrinsic presence within her work reflecting a fragility of memory and the phenomena of meaning. Her work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions across the United States and abroad and has been included in publications as diverse as Tricycle and The Carolina Quarterly. Her project have also included  massive mural for the Taubman Museum of Art titled Resolute Understanding of Fragile Things.

Jennifer Anderson Printz is also an Associate Professor of studio art at Hollins University, where she teaches drawing, printmaking and professional practices. Her recent scholarly output includes papers given at the SGC International, College Art Association, and Southeastern College Art conferences. The Norton Simon Museum included her essay “Print University” in Proof: The Rise of Printmaking in Southern California. 

Anderson Printz received a MFA from the University of Georgia. She has taught and lectured at institutions across the United States including workshops at the J. Paul Getty Museum. Anderson Printz also served as president of the Los Angeles Printmaking Society and Vice President of External Affairs for SGC International.

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